Bradwell Hospital

Trenton Construction Co Ltd were awarded this contract following the successful submission of a competitive tender bid. The project consisted of the replacement of the roof covering, soffits, fascias and gutters to the entire building.

The roof covering works consisted of removing all the existing roof tiles and setting them aside for re-use. The existing felt and timber battens were removed and replaced with new. 100mm thick rigid insulation was supplied and installed between the existing rafters. Once the rigid insulation, new felt and timber battens were installed the existing roof tiles, which has previously been set aside for re-use, were re-fixed.

The existing fascias, soffits and gutters were removed to the entire building perimeter and replaced with new, in aluminum.

Location: Bradwell Hospital, Talke Road, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 7NJValue: £600,000